Podcast #13: Second Helpings with Joe Labriola

December 7, 2016

My good friend, Joe Labriola, is the Executive Director of Second Helpings Atlanta, Inc. They have a vision to eliminate hunger in the 5 county Metropolitan Atlanta area by rescuing surplus food and delivering it to those in need.  With a team of over 400 volunteer drivers, they serve as the link between our network of over 50 donors and the front-line agencies who feed the hungry on a daily basis. I love to hear the stories of a guy like Joe and be able to share in his vision and passion. You will too...


Podcast #12: Doing Well With Those That Do It Right

November 30, 2016

There are choices we can make that bring those idyllic feelings of peace, joy, contentment and serenity into our life. Choices that allow us to exhale. To know that what we are doing is significant, and that it is simply the right thing. We don’t measure the cost against anything--we just celebrate, knowing we’ve done good. You want some of that? Of course you do. We all do.


Podcast #11: 2UThruU

November 23, 2016

To give thanks with a heart of gratitude is the perfect channel for us to bless as we are blessed. It's a flow, and our ability to exhale with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction is directly linked to how well we embrace the notion that we are designed to give it away. As we enter the season of thanks and giving, let's expand our vision for how we can take all the goodness we experience and make a viable difference in the world. It just doesn't get any better than this...


Podcast #10: Do You Know Where Your Portfolio Is?

November 16, 2016

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is another movement afoot. It’s the bond market. Too often we ignore this sector of the markets and categorize it as “safe” and “steady”. Sometimes this is the furthest from the truth. Make sure you know what you own and why, and the impact it can have on your portfolio. Get your expectations in line with reality and you can exhale when the winds blow.


Podcast #9: Time For A New Narrative

November 10, 2016

The story is changing. A great anti-establishment cry went up and the people decided they wanted something different. They got it, and now it remains to be seen how the story will be written. This has the makings of a seismic shift in politics, economics, and foreign policy, and could very well usher in a ripple effect globally of populism that started with the Brexit. Wisdom, graciousness and poise are needed even more as we navigate the future. It's time for looking at things the same old way to die.


Podcast #8: Cultivating Wisdom

November 4, 2016

Where has all the wisdom gone, long time passing...We look around and are starved for wise leaders that will bring a modicum of prudence, poise and right action into the arena. And while it appears that it's not to be found we can't lose hope that the wise will prevail. But regardless of the political spectrum, how I apply wisdom to portfolio management drives everything. For me, wise decision making is the foundation of my why, and although I don't always get it right, I am hopefully wrong for the right reasons.  Listen as I share some of my wisdom and decide for yourself...


Podcast #7:Selfcare vs Obamacare

October 26, 2016

Ok, enough already with lamenting of the ills (ha, pun intended!) of Obamacare. We need to move on. Let's see how we can make it better by making ourselves better. In that journey we just might be able to release the frustration and usher in a new perspective on just what we should expect from the government and how much of this is resolved by looking in the mirror. We can do it...


Podcast #6: This Will Change Everything with Mike Kane

October 19, 2016
"Master Sensei" Mike Kane, co-founder of Hedgeable, Inc. joins me in a conversation that, if you will take to heart what is shared, will change everything you know about investing. Mike sub-advises some of the Tricord models, and is a kindred spirit when it comes to managing portfolios to reap most of the bulls and stay out of most of the bears. Pass this along to everyone you know--they will thank you for it. Or maybe not, since it will take away all excuses for not knowing about a better way...

Podcast #5: “Madam President…”

October 12, 2016

Time for a reality check, gang. It doesn't matter how many votes a candidate gets, it's about where the people live that cast the votes. We need to focus our attention on "Madam President",  and what her sitting in the big chair means to our investing as well as our attitudes about that outcome. And let's not forget about congress, because there is more to voting this November than just the presidency.


Podcast #4: Just Do It! with Shelley Elder

October 5, 2016

In this week's episode I visit with my friend, Shelley Elder of Elder Law Firm. She's got an incredible heart and passion for helping people "exhale" as they navigate the legal waters of probate, trusts, health directives, special needs planning and corporate compliance. Stop getting ready to get ready and engage with this estate planning stuff and just do it! It matters, a lot, and your family will be glad that you did. You'll feel better for it, and the legacy that it will leave speaks volumes about your financial poise. Choose the better way...