Podcast #23: Myth #5-More Is Better

March 1, 2017

This week I wrap up the series on investing myth busting with a look at how to keep things simple as more is not better. Many new investing sites have created the impression that dozens, or even hundreds, of choices serves you well. It doesn't. Absent a solid, well thought out plan for your portfolio that you can stay the course with you are at the mercy of markets that take no prisoners. Keep it simple and you will stand a much better chance of getting where you want to go with the least amount of anxiety and the most amount of poise.


Podcast #22: In Your Hands

February 22, 2017

Ever stop and ponder how it is you have formed your financial life? Let’s journey together as I pose a few questions that might help bring some clarity as I challenge you to articulate your answers and expand the flow of good through your life. It’s been a great exercise for me personally, and I think you will open yourself up to receive even greater abundance as you declare, “I’m ready for more!”


Podcast #21:Myth #4-The Trend Is Your Friend

February 9, 2017

How did we ever come to the conclusion that the markets were in any way our friend? It’s time to have the reality check conversation and remind ourselves that none of the concerns of the past several years have abated. Join with me as I piggyback on a podcast conversation between Chris Martenson and Grant Williams where they revisit the fact that “the emperor has no clothes”. Central Bankers and program market trading have created an environment that demands our caution, and having a strategy to navigate a down market (something we’ve almost forgotten about), is more critical than ever.


Podcast #20: Abundance w/Rev. Laine Morgan

February 1, 2017

I visit with Rev. Laine Morgan who brings an absolutely incredible perspective on our place in an abundant universe. God is for us, and as such we need to examine some of our views on money, wealth, and prosperity to truly live a life of abundance. This is one of those times when we need to put it all on the table for discussion, and if you do then truly remarkable things can begin to happen in your life. I pray you enjoy this conversation as much as I do, as she can be a great blessing to your life.


Podcast #19: My Take on Trump

January 25, 2017

There’s a new sheriff in town, Donald John Trump, and it appears that this will make for a lively investing environment! He’s a businessman not a politician, so you can bet the focus will be on profit not pandering. Cutting waste, creating jobs, tax reform, and promoting “America First” will have, in my opinion, a positive effect on the markets.  It won’t come without some pain, however, so staying the course, managing the risk, and keeping a finger on the pulse are the order of the day.


Podcast #18: Myth #3-Asset Allocate and Diversify

January 18, 2017

“That’s the way we’ve always done it!” Is it just me, or do you get sideways when someone uses this explanation when you ask them, “why?” We live amid a lot of investing sacred cows, many of which have become obsolete. Join me as I tackle two of the biggest norms in investing; diversification and asset allocation. Out of the box thinking is critical to the ultimate success of your financial future as we live with anything but certainty when it comes to the markets. Don’t count on the future being just like the past else you might end up far short of what you need and deserve. Listen if you dare…


Podcast #17: Myth #2-You Can’t Time The Market

January 11, 2017

Market Timing = Crystal Ball. This is how most of us view any form of active portfolio management. Why…because that’s what we’ve been told by the so-called industry experts. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the “Efficient Frontier” Model have serious shortcomings. These flaws can be devastating to your financial health. Listen while I offer up some alternative thinking and how that perspective evolves into a different approach to managing a portfolio.  It’s a better way to sleep well at night, build financial poise, and grow lasting wealth.


Podcast #16:Investing Myth #1-Invesst for the Long Term

January 6, 2017

Listen as I launch the first episode of my new “Myth Busting” series on debunking some of our investing sacred cows. Being a long-term investor does not mean you should set it and forget it, hoping that the market will “eventually” go higher, and manage your risk with an asset allocation pie chart. Some new paradigms are at hand, so strap in as I challenge you to think the unthinkable and consider alternate ways to invest so you can sleep well at night and develop better financial poise.


Podcast #15: Dream

December 28, 2016

Inspiration can come from the most unusual places, even a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Join with me as I share some insights from atop Kennesaw Mountain, where, along the trail, I received one of my 2017 mantras. Maybe it will be one of yours, too.


Podcast #14: The Dream Team Talks Giving & Receiving

December 15, 2016

Listen as I go on location to Glover Park, in downtown Marietta Georgia, and talk giving and receiving with Lorri Palko and Ty Andrews, who are, affectionately, my dream team. 'Tis the season, and as we enjoyed the festivities in the park some not-so-common perspectives came out on how we look at giving and receiving. Is it really BETTER to give than receive? You can't give what you don't have, and, unfortunately, the receiving end of the flow has been diminished in our culture. It's part of the reason why many are so burned out and depressed at this time of year. To live in balance with giving and receiving is a beautiful exhale place to be. Let's go there together...